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Richter is an well-known recognized Austrian footwear brand. Footwear innovation meets design: new ideas using contemporary design and recognized as trendy, without compromising on quality. Developed by leading international designers who know what makes the difference in today’s world.

Materials, fit, quality: with Richter, parents have all the reassurance they need. Their shoes provide an ideal fit and stand out thanks to their innovative, child-friendly product features and high-quality materials. Each of our shoes draws on decades of experience, on our “knowledge from tradition” and our technological expertise. Richter takes a unique approach to combining form and function – a concept which makes it a global leader.

Fun, playfulness, adventure: kids ‘just wanna have fun’. And shoes that look cool. Shoes that go with anything. In school. On the playground. In the kindergarten. With friends. Sports. Or just playing and hanging out


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