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Pablosky is one of the leading international brands of children’s and adolescent´s footwear, dedicated to the designing, manufacturing and marketing of shoes.

The company was created in 1969 by its founder, Juan Pablo Martin-Caro. Today the company has a team of over 400 experienced professionals who teach younger employees the secrets of Pablosky´s quality. We don´t have a manual, it is a job that is done day to day, encouraging inter-relationships between employees and departments and making Continuous Improvement a valuable part of our corporate culture.

Pablosky produces more than 2 million pairs of shoes every year, made in Spain. And we design more than 1,000 models per season.

We have our own distinct technology the Pablosky System: Bovine leather outer, Intech absorbent inner lining, Heel and toe guard, Absorbent, antibacterial insole and Non-slip rubber sole.

The key to our success can be summarized in four points: 1. We are experts on growing feet, 2. Manufacturers, 3. Our shoes are made in Spain and 4. We are the creators of the exclusive Pablosky System technology.

Today, Pablosky has more than 2,000 outlets/stores in Spain and is present in over 40 countries.

Interested in becoming a Pablosky Retailer? 

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