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Natural World bloomed in 2010 in Spain, inspired by nature, and the desire to create a better tomorrow. With over 30 years of experience in the footwear industry, its founders combined their manufacturing skills with their love for the environment and created a shoe that is trendy, comfortable, and 100% eco-friendly.
Natural World is about respecting the environment. Our ecological spirit starts with our production process, using 100% ecological raw materials: cotton, natural rubber, recycled cardboard for boxes. We do not use materials harmful to one’s health, and we do not support the use of child labor.
This productive process is supported by the "Made in Green" Certification which makes us a leading company in our sector, proving that from the beginning of the process until the end, we have used ecological materials that are friendly to the environment.
The well being of the environment is important to us, we have a keen environmental awareness, and our behavior is in accordance with our corporate goal. We have established a production process that respects, guarantees, protects and defends the environment: we don’t use polluting products, we don’t emit toxic gases, we don’t spill toxic fluid, and we also promote environmental conservation by using biodegradable and recyclable substances.
We will invest in the future, establishing a company that is responsible, sustainable and ecological. All this is to ensure to our customers that our name stands for what we believe in, a Natural World. Join our spirit and commitment to sustainable development.

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